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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Urban Rail Express Grid

Engineer Julian Li, speaking as a private citizen, shares his professional vision of what public transit in Toronto could look like, and it's worth fair consideration.

How to make Toronto to be one of best transit cities using existing fund from julianli
Mr. Li held court, took questions and ably defended the grid here. He also replies to email if you wish to contact him directly (find contact info in his slides above).

Among Toronto's greatest strengths is its diversity. What's more, Toronto has a proud heritage of contributions to transit logistics by visible minorities (all Torontonians should know the name Thornton Blackburn), and being true to this heritage demands that we continue to leverage our diversity for progress.

There are good ideas out there - when people come from London UK or NYC and "laugh at our pathetic transit system" it's painfully obvious we have failed our obligation to lead, we've failed to live up to the responsibilities of "world class status" - a term that is more than just words.

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