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Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing Blumenfeld

When those two cocky young journalists broke the Watergate story back in 1972, they rocked the world with thanks to their anonymous source, an insider whom they called "Deep Throat."

Toronto My Way is excited to announce that we now have "insiders" in various agencies of the city to act as our anonymous sources in Toronto politics.

The capacities in which they work for the city will remain unidentified, but our insiders will not go unnamed!

Mark Felt
We are collectively personifying them as "Blumenfeld" "Blumen/bloom" because she helps “open up” (like a flower) inner city workings so that we can see what's inside; and "feld/field" to represent that there's a vast field of insight to glean from these sources.  They have no interest in losing jobs in which they have long-term interests and ambitions, especially if any of them have been made to sign gag-orders as a condition of employment. Oh, and, of course, "feld/felt" as a tip of the hat to the original "Deep Throat" (no, not the movie, the guy, Mark Felt.)

You'll also notice we will vary the 3rd person pronoun - Blumenfeld may be "he/him" this morning, "she/her" this afternoon, and “they/them” tonight because Blumenfeld is somewhat like "the Borg.," a collective. So, if you ever see me sitting in a Starbucks or Aroma Expresso Bar, you'll never know if the party with whom I'm enjoying a beverage is Blumenfeld or not. And, please don't ask, because I could neither confirm nor deny it.

Having said all that, city information is, generally speaking, public information, and Blumenfeld will never leak privy information nor will we ever pressure them to compromise. We just want more scoop on what's happening and the problem is, so much of that public information is hard to access for the typical Torontonian. Our connection to Blumenfeld pipes us right into meetings we might not have been able to attend; conversations we might not have been able to hear; documents we might not have been able to read; insights we might not have been able to derive.

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